04 December, 2017

BBTC MENA 2017 - Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference

Euro Petroleum Consultants

Established 17 years ago, Euro Petroleum Consultants’ ‘BBTC – Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ series continues to be the only event that focuses on technologies, project trends, catalysts and equipment innovations for residue upgrading in refineries around the world. Refinery complexity is one of the key factors influencing refining profitability. With a higher complexity and a higher conversion capability, a refiner can process heavier and cheaper crude feedstock while always achieving better margins at any crude price. The incentive is therefore to continue investing in higher upgrading. Residue upgrading remains an area of prime importance in the refining sector, helping to meet the challenges facing the industry and BBTC MENA 2017 is the premier event for staying up to date with developments in the industry and the Middle East region.

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