10 October, 2017


IPEC Congress
Tehran, Iran

 Iran's petroleum production evolutions outlook through EOR.

 Development and partnership models in E&P companies and upcoming evolutions.

 New methods of foreign finance for energy sector in post-sanctions period.

 Energy diplomacy of Iran and the energy market and its key player's status in region

and in the globe.

 Regulators and regulatory organization's global experiences and national strategies

in energy sector.

 The O&M and qualified companies' contract role and status in Iran and global oil

and gas industry's development.

 Business models, the successful petrochemical downstream industries

experiences and development patterns.

 The future of petroleum products market, Iran and private sector role in petroleum

business and supplies review (production, supplies, export, swap and bunkering).

 NOC, IOC global evolutions and experiences in renewable energy and its presence

for development strategies in Iran.

 Efficiency enhancement strategies in power production, transmission and grid,

investment incentives, opportunities and threats.

 Power pricing and smart grid system challenges.

 Strategies of intensive Public Private Partnership (PPP) use in

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